Saturday, 18 October 2014

Visitors and missionaries

Since arriving in Maputo our mission has received plenty of visitors.  Some have come for a short term mission and others for a "vision trip".  (In a vision trip, the visitor - who knows that has been called to serve God in missions - visits the various ministries that OMS currently has here.  They can also see whether there is an opening for another kind of ministry.)

Samuel was happy to find in Rodrigo a worthy opponent playing Risk

The most recent group of visitors came to support the work of Maos Ajudando and Nkateko (see Nkateko's website).  They were 7 people from Brazil, England and Northern Ireland.  These were two doctors, an accountant, a nurse, a special needs teacher a secondary school student and a crochet expert.  They had a very busy fortnight and blessed many people from the OMS-related churches, the seminary, neighbours, and more.

Back (L-R): Mario, Audrie, Sam, Michelle, Steve.
Front (L-R): Renata, Katuska, Joseph, Ann, (Benjamin), and Margaret

We had the joy to host the Gomes family in our house, and have the whole short-term team with us for dinner.  It is a joy to hear how God works in his children's lives in so many different ways, but with the purpose to encourage us to build each other up, to bring glory to his Name, and to lead others to find him as their Saviour.

You can find out more about the Gomes family (Medical Ministry in Mozambique).

There are many opportunities to serve God here in Mozambique.  One of the most pressing needs is for more Seminary teachers.  Another is a Youth worker for the English speaking community.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vegetable Plot - preparing the soil

It has been fun to start our very own vegetable plot. The boys have been very much involved in every step; and we have the help of the gardener.

First the boys had to break the soil.

The soil is sandy and not very fertile.

Once the soil was broken, every weed had to be removed by hand.

Then beds were prepared, trying not to kill the dog.

After adding plenty of manure, each bed required water in abundance,...
..., several times before planting the seeds.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Coaches in training

Tim Roehl, OMS missionary and author of "Transformissional Coaching" came Maputo with Jose Banales to train many in using coaching as a tool for building up, encouraging, guiding Christians in their daily lives.

The Biblical and Theological Seminary of Maputo opened its doors to this training, which stretched for 4 afternoons.  Various denominations and countries were represented by the coaches in training

The OMS missionaries - together with a set CAM's teachers - received the very same training during that same weekend in September.  I enjoyed it and pray that when put into practice it will enable me to establish stronger relationships with others.

You can search in Youtube "Transformissional coaching tips" to get more information about this theme.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

13 - 1 - 7

That's how many years of blessed married life we celebrated in August. We know that it is possible only by God's grace.  God has been good to us, taking care of every need we've had, as our family grew from 2 to 5, and as he took us from Glasgow to Guayaquil, to Glasgow, to Cuenca, to Stepps, to Maputo.

Xenia is the wife of Nelio, pastor of the congregation in Picoco, one of the villages around Maputo.  Caleb joined their family just a few weeks ago, and we were longing to visit them.  One morning, I gathered my boys in the car and we drove to Khongolote to visit Xenia and Caleb.  We chat about baby things, admire Caleb's bright orange woolly hat, talked about our husbands' ministries, and were simply sisters in Christ.  It was a real joy!  Benjamin loved holding Caleb, while Sam and Joe were taking pictures (it is safer to hold a camera than a baby!).

It was the first time I was driving alone (I mean, with no other adult) to Khongolote.  I don't pride myself of being a confident driver, though I try to be careful.  I tend to get lost with ease, therefore I believe that many have been praying for me, as I found our way to and from Khongolote with ease.

Traffic is a huge source of stress here.  There are very few traffic signs, and if you don't see the invisible paint on the roads, but a traffic controller notice that, then you will get a hefty fine for not knowing the history of that road.  It is also common to find public transport drivers to drive extremely aggressively and/or carelessly putting in danger the life of the users, pedestrians and other drivers.

Please pray that God will protect Steve and I everyday we leave the compound, let it be as a passenger or driver.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Home schooling and Guesthouse hostess

This is our team after finishing Field Council: Larry, Susan, Paulo, Fernanda, Harold (visiting), Aimee, Melvin, Sharon, Steve and Katuska.  Field Council is our annual meeting when we present our reports on our ministries during the previous year and plans for the following.  In my case, my time in the treasury office came to an end as I started my task as home educator (you can read more about it in our latest Newsletter).  I also was elected to take the Guesthouse hostess role.  I have never considered myself gifted in that area, and this proves that God has a sense of humour.

The weekly prayer meeting is one of the most important activities we do together as the missionary body.

Soon after the Field Council three pastors from CONIM, the OMS-related church from Brazil, came for a short weekend of teaching to the leaders of the Living Word Church, the OMS-related church in Mozambique.  It was a very busy weekend, with over 50 people representing the different Living Word congregations stayed in the compound and full days of teaching.

It was really lovely to be part of the big (and long) celebration on that Sunday, with hundreds of Mozambicans of all ages coming together to worship the Lord.

Singing and dancing was beautiful, intercessory and praising prayer were abundant and the Word was preached.

Please remember the church in Mozambique and intercede for leaders with strong roots in the Word of God and filled with the Holy Spirit.